Los Arcos de Mismaloya

Approximate tour duration: 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. • Boat Ride: 25 Min

Granite formations rising from depths that vary from 25 ft to 90 ft, through millions of years carved by the force of the ocean, forming arches and caves, which i show they were named Los Arcos. From the main arch, the continental platform begins on a Wall that goes over 1800 ft deep, a magical dive beginning on the edge (60 ft), divers will experience the the thrilling feeling of the “abyss”. It is also home of several species of rays, giant mantas, moray eels, tropical fish and lots of other marine life.

In Puerto Vallarta there are many places where you can practice scuba diving, the most famous and popular attraction, no doubt about it, is Los Arcos, a beautiful rock formation protruding from the sea surface. It is located near Mismaloya 5.5 nautical miles south of Puerto Vallarta.

This place is adequate for divers of all levels, from novice to experienced divers. The depth of the so-called Aquarium is approximately 60 feet around Los Arcos, where you’ll find all sorts of tropical marine life in the reefs, including the entertaining garden eels that look like shy ribbons sticking out of the sandy sea bottom, waving demurely back and forth with the invisible waves. Its unique feature is an 800 ft vertical wall on the westside of Los Arcos where you can enjoy a descent into the Canyon (El Cañón) and the famous Devil’s Jaw (La Quijada del Diablo), which are only for experienced divers.

Here you’ll see shoals of bright fish, turtles, manta rays and moray eels. Another good dive site is “El Bajo”, with an underwater peak and several submerged volcanic formations that offer lots of marine life including parrotfish, snappers, moray eels, nudibranchs and many other surprises.

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Night Dive Experience

The night dives are done in Los Arcos National Park. It is a reef where there are a large abundance of lobster, octopus and others marine life seen only at night time.

Ultimate Tropical Experience

Take a private boat ride around the bay and get to dive 1 tank one of the special spots there is.

Marietas Islands

The volcanic islands are a magical home of several endangered species of birds like the Blue Footed Boobies, which are only found in the Galapagos Islands.

Majahuitas Beach Paradise

Located on the south side of the bay and only reachable by boat, one of the most beautiful beaches in Vallarta, Majahuitas offers beautiful, clear water for snorkel enthusiasts.

Los Arcos de Mismaloya Underwater National Park

Granite formations rising from depths that vary from 25 ft to 90 ft, throught millions of years carved by the ocean, forming arches and caves.